Digital Totems Almondo in 6 city malls

Totem Almondo 6 Malls

digital signage citylight Almondo Brand Touch

Digital Signage Citylight

27 October 2011: Brand Touch designed, produced and installed digital totems for retail malls in 6 cities.
The new digital shop display Almondo with 46″ to 55″ full HD display attracts visitors with multimedia experience and some of them allow users to interact with brand messages and web applications. Retail digital signage, real-time news, movie schedules, entertainment, building communication and digital advertising are only few of the marketing opportunities, delivered by Brand Touch and its partners. The audience recognition system allows brand managers to deliver only the information users want to see and interact, even influencing the brand content. The content is broadcast and managed through a 4G network from a cloud server. Bluetooth and 2D barcode tags allow users to transfer information to their mobile devices.

Anonymous data analytics software running in the background records the content frequency and interaction at all locations, allowing advertisers to adapt and change their content by time, weather, audience type and even emotion level.

Almondo digital CityLights combine the benefits of traditional advertising with the limitless possibilities offered by digital formats. A national advertising network of dozens Almondos will be operating by the end of this year.

As a digital totem provider, Brand Touch expands its extensive content management experience by not only designing innovative display signage, but supporting the content management platform as a service and monitoring the cloud infrastructure.

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