Multi-touch digital signage kiosk EXPOSE HD review

Hi! I’m Annie from the BrandTouch crew. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to EXPOSE DS – the first-ever all-glass multi-touch kiosk and full-HD digital signage display, manufactured and distributed by BrandTouch Europe, under an exclusive patented design license.


Welcome to the world’s first free-standing multi-touch glass kiosk. It is less than one inch thick and 6.7 feet high!
Are you tired of all these dummy deaf and blind screens around you? It’s a shared digital world out there where dynamic Content is the King and effective, interactive and bidirectional communication is what counts. To get the right focused message to the right user at the right time you need different messages on different screens at different times in different locations. If you respond to market changes in real-time, you spend less and sell more.

what’s inside

I like what’s on the screen and what’s under the hood – this exclusive piece of art integrates full-HD, 3D LED multi-touch display, quad-core computerized system for unmatched intelligent multitask performance, HD sound retrieval system with 3D surround sound and powerful hidden 2l subwoofer – I can feel shivers down my spine, while the whole glass membrane vibrates like a glass music instrument.


Only premium-quality, long-lasting materials are used. We have sapphire blue glass from Mexico, bohemian crystal-clear glass from the Tatras, 2.6 billion halogen-free silica transistors from the Silicon Valley, 25” capacitive multi-touch sensor matrix from South Korea, massive stainless steel from Japan, blue LED lights from Scotland, organic feminine profile from the Balkan’s wilderness…
It’s all about innovations in digital signage, HD multimedia, 30 years background in industrial design, architectural glass and cutting-edge technology. Well, it’s a polished safety glass edge actually 😉 Do you feel slim and sexy today?
EXPOSE comes out of the Blue, there is nothing similar on the planet. Every millimeter is triple checked by our certified experts for ultimate quality – a guaranteed way for your brand to get a WOW! From a stunning glass artifact for élite admirers, investing in an art object, which gains value every second.

your style

The best part is that you can make your individual configuration, matching your brand, interior and software needs, based on Windows, MAC OS, Linux and any digital asset management or content management platform you like. (this one has iDECS 4 inside – a powerful brand management system). There is a 1.5TB HDD down there, so you can store and deliver all types of rich media – thousands of images, videos, ads, presentations, music or to record and broadcast real-time video with the integrated HD webcam.

measure success

EXPOSE knows how many people passed by, how many got the message, how many touched it and how many made a conversion, so your in-store channel is measurable, reaching your customers where they’re ready to buy. EXPOSE goes further – it recognizes your gender, approximate age and even your smile level! Are you happy today?
If you wear a badge with a barcode, the kiosk will make a record in it’s CRM, we got hundreds of new leads just for a day at the expo.

mobile CRM

Our kiosks can store data about consumer’s habits, interests, preferences and wish-lists. It’s on wheels, so you can move and position it in the best location and orientation. It can toggle between advertisements and a self-service application once a customer approaches. Touching the screen, following a set of options is all people need to get clear answers in seconds. Contact us today for a free consultation and kiosk proposal.

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