Now shipping worldwide to 4 continents

Now Shipping Worldwide

While the last snow is melting, we delivered the first orders from CeBIT 2012 to our new partners and their customers on 4 continents in countries like Brasil, Dubai, Morocco, Oman, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, UK and others.

Now Expose and ZilverSlate are shipping worldwide in special fumigated wooden EU boxes to secure a fast and safe delivery of your luxury digital signage totems and touch-screen kiosks from our 2012 Spring Collection. The only thing after unboxing the units is to plug them in a standard 110V/220V power socket and they will connect automatically with the nearest Brand Touch digital signage cloud server.

What’s new?

New 3D Vision technology

We are happy to inform you that we have upgraded our 3D displays from active shutter glass technology to autostereoscopic displays without the use of special headgear or glasses on the part of the viewer. The new EXPOSE 2012 model is “glasses-free 3D”, yet still made from semi-transparent glass, branded with your company colors and logo.

New 3D Sound technology

We have also moved from Dolby Surround 3D SRS system to the Deep Note THX sound system for a distinctive crescendo sound. Now our units are THX-certified and the sound is amazing, since the whole glass body is used as resonance plate / chamber for a “Return of the Jedi” soundscape. ZilverSlate goes even further with hidden soliddrive speakers for an amazing experience to perform a perfect soundscape when the visitor is the zone of the totem (while not seeing any speakers) and not to disturb the environment and visitors out of the totem zone.

5D Experience

The integrated audience detection and measurement system now uses standard sensors and hardware to connect to our SaaS cloud servers and change the scheduled content with a relevant message, reducing the cost of the system and the down time periods with over 400% while boosting the conversion rate and sales with +30%. Now advertisers and brand managers know exactly how many visitors passed by, anonymous demographic characteristic, interest span and interaction profile. Welcome to the only automatically self-measured media in the world – adaptive 4G digital signage. Several new models and a DS Content/ Templates community platform is prepared to be launched in early May, so we’ll keep in multi-touch.

See you at Digital Signage Expo 2012!

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