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Digital Signage Totem Haida

Digital Signage Totem Haida

In the ancient times totems have been protectors of the various tribes, clans and family groups. People thought that they had shamanic powers and saw them as a natural centerpoints for tribe’s gatherings. Made from wood, stone or other natural materials, their design included images of gods, animals and other symbols, specific for the tribe, used not just like a sign for wealth, but for belonging and group affiliations also.

The freestanding totems in today’s advertising industry have almost the same purpose and function like the ancient ones – representing of brands and products, becoming a centerpoint, attention-catcher for groups of clients, delivering of brand-messages and keeping up the brand integrity. Their name copies that of the ancient ones not just because of similar shapes – usually a tall column, a terminal with one or few displays. Every culture has its own complex rules for image and symbol positions, and modern brands use their own visual characteristics and distinctive marks in totem’s design. Contemporary totems are made from modern materials like metal, inox, laminated glass, etc. Most often they got one vertically mounted display, but there are models with two or more – one playing advertising videos at example, and the other gives an option of interactive communication and choice of applications.

With the advancement of multimedia technologies, especially 3D content, played on quality HD displays, the modern totems are turning into a natural gathering point for the visitors of malls, banks, corporate buildings, universities and transportation hubs.

Brand Touch presents to your attention the newly created Haida Digital Signage Totem with built-in 32″ full-HD LED display. The hardware, software, branding and graphic components are designed according customer’s requirements.

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