Choosing a Digital Signage Kiosk?


The right kiosk design for your corporate building, showroom, shop, boutique, bank or educational institution should match your place and target group. There are few simple points to consider before going forward.

The Place, the Privacy and the View:

  • One kiosk or multiple units? Where will be the perfect visible and easy to find place?
  • How the kiosk looks like: a cheap old-school PC, complicated tech-tool or a luxury brand ambassador?
  • Branding graphics, colors, visual elements?
  • Who will use the kiosk? What is the age and education level of your target?
  • Do you have enough floor space to put your kiosk model? Especially in smaller stores or narrow corporate lobbies, it would be wiser to choose a thinner kiosk with a more sleek body and modern look.
  • Will your interactive content require privacy? It is especially important in health care offices or government and financial facilities. Smaller screens are a better choice when privacy matters. In all other cases, bigger displays start to prevail with their better visual characteristics.

The Time,  the Clues and the Content:

  • Don’t use your marketing materials and web site content on your kiosk display. Remember, web sites and Digital signage are different media, even though they both use digital screens and have different design and composition rules, when it comes to content and interaction.
  • Is what customers see on your kiosk screen too complex? Could it scare them, especially if they aren’t tech and web savvy? Could they think that they do not have time to try interacting and exploring ?
  • Does it send a clear message, or does it just invite the customers? Often a logical and well versed message is way better than the common “Touch to start”. It is like the intro pages of web sites, so popular not long ago. Nobody ever uses them. So why using an “intro”, when you can start immediately with attention grabbing visual content?
  • Does your kiosk play annoying advertising videos all the time? Customers are used to ignore advertisements. Share important and relevant info on your Digital Signage Kiosks.
  • Still in need to play a video advertisement? Don’t show it fullscreen. Stream the video in a part of the screen, in a frame or in a bigger composition.
  • Don’t make customers to wait. If you expect a lot of customers to interact with the content, put multiple units around the place.
  • Do create fast loading content. The time needed for a page to load or refresh should be less than 0.5 seconds. No one likes to wait and to not know what to expect next. Give clues.
  • Don’t use too many questions in your interactive guides. Customers often aren’t informed well enough in order to answer all choice-questions with certainty. Offer less options and provide visual suggestions.
  • Don’t make browsing a hard task. Especially with multiple pages and less content on each page, browsing should be made easier. Provide buttons for going back and forth and levels up and down.

Content is still the King, but design, quality and size does matter.
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