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16.05.2011: BrandTouch, the European touch kiosk and digital signage totems manufacturer, introduced today its LUMINA™ fully-transparent digital signage totem, which brings totally immersed interactive multi-touch experience to the retail stores. The totem presents an easy way for the consumers to find the product they want in the way they want it, consolidating advertisements, virtual product catalogs, movies, web apps, news, photos and other digital content.

BrandTouch has leveraged the latest multi-touch transparent display technology to deliver up to 20% transparency and lower energy consumption up to 90%. LUMINA™ – the world’s first see-through interactive digital signage totem is not only a retail hub, but a social and cloud computing hub with endless possibilities.

Retail is undergoing its fastest change rate in living history while technology is changing the way consumers navigate, communicate and interact.

Welcome to the in-store revolution!

Gorgeous & Rich

The new interactive infotainment and communication device has HD multi-touch display with preinstalled digital signage software, integrating web apps, video, audio, Flash, Silverlight, RSS news or PPT presentations playout, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. The WiFi, HDMI and USB interfaces allow playout of external source content, audio, video and sensor signals. Your visitors can browse the whole store, tagged by brands, categories, colors, sizes, occasions, locations and prices to find what they are looking for with 3 to 5 flicks. Can you find the red handbag you are looking in 3 seconds? May I also suggest to you this summer dress, which will highlight your natural features like never before?

Smart, secure & accessible

An optional camera is installed for detecting viewer’s age, gender and height. The camera allows the system to assist and dynamically serve the customer, leading to huge impulse purchase increase (since 69% of your customers make a purchase decision at the point of sale), while analysing your consumer behavior. As you know, the software is the most critical for the overall experience, so a professional Digital Signage Software comes preinstalled free with every BrandTouch totem. The touch interface height is automatically adjusted for adults, kids or wheelchair users, according to their optimal height, and yes, it’s based on the same user interface you use at home and on the road.

87% more efficient and cost-effectvive!

Capture the eyes, minds and wallets of your customers with a great in-store digital experience. LUMINA™ consumes 87 percent less electricity compared to a conventional LCD display panel. A battery, PoE or solar energy power supply option is available for custom application.

See-Through Technology

See-Through Technology

One and only

With 20% transparency, LUMINA™ enables the visitors to look through the whole totem, leaving the displayed content element layers “hanging in the air“. With the two-way see-through technology, you can attract, recognize, foresee, understand, serve, support, comprehend, know, regard and reward your customers as never before! The transparent screen is so cool that they’ll love to touch the brilliant clarity.

Sincerely Yours

The transparent digital signage display totem LUMINA™ has a wide range of infotainment and communication use in all industries – retail, banks, HQs and hotel lobbies, etc. Get a branded totem designed, produced and delivered by BrandTouch, preloaded with content management system and amazing HD content, in less than 20 days.

No more science fiction flicks, touch the future today!

Yours Lumina
by BandTouch

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