Expose world premiere at WebXpo 2010

The world premiere and presentation of EXPOSE was yesterday. The unique glass multi-touch kiosk was presented for the first time in public on WebXpo 2010 – the biggest trade show for interactive marketing in Bulgaria.


Expose at WebXpo

Hundreds of visitors had a chance to view and try for the first time its powerful features – brilliant 25″ multi-touch 3D LED full-HD 1080p display, computerized multi-touch interface with integrated SRS audio.

Its less than one inch thick blue-lighten safety glass body integrates hundreds of hardware modules and content management applications for your bank, boutique, hotel, trade show, event or residence. EXPOSE had a Wow! effect on all visitors.  Our  digital signage consultants were happy to answer a lot of questions and will continue to pay attention to every request made through our contact form. The attendance was quite low, but the interest impressively high. WebXpo was a successful  beta test for Digital signage Expo Europe and Kiosk Expo Europe.

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