2011 was an amazing year, happy 2012!

Happy Holidays from Brand Touch

Happy Holidays from Brand Touch

Dear Customers and Peers,

2011 was an amazing year, full of new products, exciting digital signage projects, new partners from Dubai to Peru, digital expos, green technology awards and great lessons. It was also a crazy year of change, adaptation and fine tuning. We refined our design and production environment and focused on high-end digital signage systems for the retail market.

With over one billion social media users, connected to brands in the cloud, we had to adapt our digital advertising platform in order to stay ahead of the game, integrating location technologies, web and mobile applications, social advertising and cloud services in the core of our digital signage systems.

Our customers maximize advertising campaign effectiveness with an integrated, multi-channel digital branding platform, open to engaging with brands on a daily basis. Socialized outdoor advertising will prevail in 2012, driving the public online with clear ROI and giving brands the opportunity to creatively capture attention and build relationships with their consumers.

Being completely transparent, as our new LUMINA line of digital displays, in 2012 we will open a new showroom, expand our team and relaunch a website with new fresh content – new models, finished projects, rich multimedia content and the new Custom configurator / Quote generator.

Thank you again to all our customers and partners who continue to inspire us and help us grow. The reactions from you have been great and have pushed us to live our dream and do what we love.

Happy Holidays and see you in 2012!

We love sharing our work, experiences and in-depth processes, so if you have any questions, ideas or comments, please share them.

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