FreyjaFlyt Moodboard – fashion mirror totem

FreyjaFlyt fashion mirror totem
The Moodboard is a digital signage totem exclusively created for fashion industry demands. It is based on our exclusive edition of FreyaFlyt with fashion advertising software by vantastec systems.
First interactive totem roll-out project was for Köhler Bekleidung retailer in Germany.

Several scans detect the user in front of the mirror totem automatically in seconds, therefore projecting a streamed mirror image of the adaptable clothing.
300+ different positions are tracked including body-angle, arm positions, face detection and body measurement. The result is, that the screened picture looks amazingly like the user wearing different clothes.

The user can interact with the mirror totem. When the user raise the right hand she/he can skip to the next Outfit. With the left hand a detailed picture of the cloth, similar to a zoom-in effect is shown.
The user is invited to post on their facebook-profile the buying intention, a link to the fashion-labels-online-shop, through a QR-Code with their smartphone. By posting online, the user earns a discount for the advertised clothes.

Welcome to fashion advertising 4.0. Many options for embedded sensors and surface decoration are available. Please contact us for custom interactive digital signage project requirements.

Moodboard fashion totem.

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