Touch-screen glass table ArtSurface


ArtSurface is already here! The designer curved glass table with multi-touch display opens unique new possibilities for interactive communication based on a revolutionary 3600 touch interface. If you need to present interactive content, products or services with a lot of different features to small groups of clients or in a confidential settings (one-to-one meetings, negotiations, BTL events, etc) , ArtSurface could be the best ever solution for you. One of the main benefits is the easy and almost magical way of seeing, scanning, changing, rotating, zooming, detailing and moving the digital content on the surface, the possibility to recognize and react to small objects, the convenient exchange of information between the display and mobile devices, such as smartphones, cameras and tablets.

A notable advantage is the elegant design with customizable decoration and branding, which turns ArtSurface in an exquisite interior centerpiece even in the most luxury premises. The interactive system, based on Microsoft Windows 7 platform supports more than 50 simultaneous inputs. It is accessible through a 40″ Full HD multi-touch screen display with PixelSense technology, developed especially for that purpose. It can be used both horizontally or vertically againts a wall, embedded in furniture or other interior elements, however it is recommended to be used the first way – on a table. The display is rigid enough to be used in semi-supervised indoor settings – corporate lobbies, visitor centers, bank branches, education centers, especially when the option for remote content management is added.
The surprisingly rich visualizations guarantees a WOW reaction from your clients and make the content more entertaining and easier to comprehend. The real time simulations, modeling and calculations make ArtSurface a perfect fit for architectural studios, finance houses, health clinics, real estate agencies, investment companies and other places, where presentations, consultations and negotiations are everyday part of communication with clients. The media used is out of limits – 3D visualizing software, Flash, video, web pages, RSS feed, PowerPoint presentations, interactive slideshows, custom created sensory-rich applications, even common Microsoft Office documents.
BrandTouch is well known with its custom designs and software, unique for every brand and client.
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