StandOut totem premiere at BalpEx 2011

StandOut totem header
Interactive Digital Signage Totem StandOut

Interactive Digital Signage Totem StandOut

Our newest interactive Digital Signage Totem StandOut, will have it’s premierre on 12 – 18 May 2011 at BalPex Residential Property Exhibition, taking place at The Mall. The Golden Sponsor of the expo – DSK Bank, chose BrandTouch’s totems for it’s new branding strategy. The interactive digital totem StandOut can present various multimedia files on its 46″ Full HD touchscreen (video, audio, Flash, Power Point, Web pages, Web application, RSS, CM modules, etc). with full control over content, streaming schedule and 24/7 network monitoring.  The special embedded FD software & camera recognizes the number, type, age, gender, nationality of the viewers and change the content dynamically according to the prevailing data along with a full behavioral analysis.

The light and energy-efficient construction is mobile and can be assembled in 2 minutes at different locations – expos, trade-shows, bank branches, corporate offices, etc.

BrandTouch created a special Digital Signage interface for the need of DSK bank. The visitors can watch at the sane time short videos and Power Point presentations along with a possibility to communicate through  interactive touch-screen buttons.

Everyone is welcome to the expo, DSK booth, to see, touch and hear StandOut in action. Come try for yourself the capabilities of our interactive totem. More photos >>

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