Digital Signage software

BrandTouch offers you a cost effective solutions for every business and niche, experienced developers with proved background, proficient in all aspects of kiosks and touch-screen equipment, developing innovative and engaging enterprise applications. Thanks to our software you can operate multiple units, post media content to screens, manage your network from your desktop, schedule advertisements to run at certain times for specific targeting, adjust their placement and size, sell ad space on screens.

In the area of Digital Signage Software BrandTouch partners with the number 1 International TV Channel-in-a-Box manufacturer – Playbox Technology. With over 14 years of experience in broadcast and playout automation solutions, and more than 6500 channels, Playbox  offers two digital signage bundles – Playbox DS and Playbox DS Pro. They bring great new opportunities:

  • Automatic distribution and redistribution using various transport protocols
  • Customizable content management system
  • Playout tilting
  • Many media formats supported for video, audio, graphics and animation
  • Live video and streaming inputs
  • Multiple outputs from a single player
  • Live playout interaction
  • Plug-in architecture for databases, RSS feeds, streaming, file linking, etc.
  • Different types of playback output VGA, SD, HD, streaming and media files for delayed playout, etc.
  • Skinnable UI with a variety of customisable schedule viewers and editors
  • Centralized monitoring of player outputs with live thumbnail preview