Face Detection

Face Detection Suite is a very powerful module for real-time advertisements changes and audience measurement reporting. We use face detection for anonymous visual performance statistics with absolutely safe privacy and it should not be mistaken with face recognition/ and face data recording.

The system covers a broad range of unique and smart digital signage features, adding powerful data collection to your digital signage network to better understand your audience characteristics:

  • Audience measurement (size, gender and age range demographics)
  • Multi-view Face detection and Counting  (Interested | passing-by faces)
  • Actual ads impressions and Length of impressions (viewing interest duration)
  • Automated email reporting with content and loop length optimization

The  metrics system helps smart brands to find the best locations for displays, custom-tailor content in real-time and understand audience engagement levels, while boosting  sales and ROI. Now they now which half of the advertising budgets is wasted and how to optimize their campaigns.